Wednesday, March 24, 2021

SBSC March Ride - 03/06/2021

The March SBSC ride took us down to Long Beach, where we shot all the way down to "The Peninsula" to hang out before going to eat at "Steelcraft," on Long Beach Blvd. A nice long ride, with good food and ice cream at the end. Yeah, it ain't beers and mod tunes all night like the old days, but, hey, it's still fun peeps and a good ride.

SBSC 20th Anniversary Ride - 02/06/2021

February's Ride marked exactly 20 years from when the South Bay Scooter Club had their first organized club ride. We had formed the club in the year 2000, but had set up the website and got the word out for the first ride that ended up being scheduled for February of 2001. So, we were happy to organize and ride for the 20th Year Anniversary this month out.

Candy was given out to all who attended (why not????), as well as club stickers for free. We then cruised the reverse Swerve 'N' Curve Scooter Rally route and had a great time. Here's to 20 more years!