Tuesday, May 04, 2021

SBSC April Ride: "Donut Worry, Be Happy!"

 For the South Bay Scooter Club's April 2021 ride, we did a yummy one: the "Donut Worry, Be Happy!" Ride. This was basically a ride to 4 different donut shops in the South Bay/L.A. area.

Our first stop was the new "Randy's Donuts" in Torrance. The second stop was the fancy "Blue Star Donuts" in Manhattan Beach (dubbed "Donuts for Grownups", lol). The third stop was a regular mom-and-pop place, "Lucky's Donuts" in El Segundo. Located in a strip mall, it was yummy. We were supposed to go to a shop in Hawthorne next, but it was closed. So, we went directly to the last stop which was the original "Randy's Donuts" in Inglewood. So we had fun riding with fun peeps, put on a few extra, yummy pounds that we had to work off later, and went home happy. Enjoy the pics below!


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