Thursday, October 16, 2014

SWERVE 'N' CURVE #15 Wrap-Up

This year's SWERVE 'N' CURVE SCOOTER RALLY was a landmark one for the South Bay Scooter Club. It was our 15th one! Seems hard to believe that we have been doing it that long, but since it is still the longest, continuously-running scooter rally in all of L.A., we must be doing something right.

This year, we had over 170 scooters come out for the main ride on Saturday. Thanks to everyone for coming out year after year. Thanks, also, to everyone who came out for their first time. I hope everyone had as good a time as I did.
There are LOTS of thanks to go around. First off, THANKS SO MUCH to all who helped with the planning and execution of the entire rally. Amanda Weber, Amy Sadler, Mary Ann Artavia, Lisa Reid, Andre Pegus, and all our other rally volunteers, - you guys really stepped up. Special thanks also goes out to certain members of the LASG, the Adventurists SG, and everyone else who helped block traffic for all of us - corralling all those scooters isn't easy but you all did it extremely well.

HUGE THANKS also goes to ALL of our great rally sponsors, too. I really mean it when I ask you all to please patronize the following businesses or organizations, as they really helped us put on another great rally for you - visit their links and help them out, dammit!  ;) Massimo's Vespa Shop,
Monkey Drive Screenprinting, Del Amo Motorsports, Eaglerider, Lambretta Club of Los Angeles, Vespa Club of Los Angeles.

Thanks also to ALPINE VILLAGE, in Torrance, for the great hospitality, food, and fun after-party location after Saturday's ride. Remember to hit their annual OKTOBERFEST during October!

Lastly, thanks to everyone who supported the rally by buying rally packs, patches, raffle tickets and donating for food - we appreciate your help in letting us throw this great ride and party for you every year!

FYI, we found an extra box of RALLY PACKS that were unfortunately not brought to the rally on Saturday, so we have a few of them left if you did not get one. Sizes are mostly XL & 2XL, but there are a few Mediums and Larges left, too. CLICK HERE, to order yours. Or, if you'd like to purchase merchandise from previous rallys, please go to the SWERVE 'N' CURVE RALLY STORE.

BTW, if you'd like to see more pics from this mondo rally, click here!

Now, be sure to mark your calendars again - SWERVE 'N' CURVE #16 will be going down August 21-22, 2015!! See you there!


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