Sunday, November 03, 2013

Swerve 'N' Curve #14 Wrap-Up

From August 28, 2013:

Well, last weekend's SWERVE 'N' CURVE SCOOTER RALLY was a TOTAL BLAST, AGAIN!!! We officially set a NEW RECORD of 211 scooters for the ride on Saturday, alone! Thanks to everyone who came out, from near and from far, to really make this the BIGGEST & the BEST Rally in L.A. Not only did the rally have quantity, but it also had quality, as well, as it was evident to see that it was just a great bunch of people to hang out with on a great summer Friday night & Saturday afternoon.

There are LOTS of thanks to go around. First off, THANKS SO MUCH to all who helped with the planning and execution of the entire rally. Amanda Weber, Tony Sepe, Mark Born, Mary Ann Artavia, Lisa Reid, Andre Pegus, and all our other rally volunteers, - you guys really stepped up. BIG, HUGE thanks, of course, goes to SBSC member Mac McClellan and his wife, Joan, for hosting the after party at their house again - we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful spot to have it! Special thanks also goes out to the LASG, the Adventurists SG, and everyone else who helped block traffic for all of us - it went so smoothly this year, I swear it felt like there was no other traffic on the road - you guys are Pros!!

HUGE THANKS also goes to ALL of our great rally sponsors, too. I really mean it when I ask you all to please patronize the following businesses or organizations, as they really helped us put on another great rally for you - visit their links and help them out, dammit!  ;)
Mid-Cities Honda, Bishop Auto Design, Honda Santa Monica, SDFT (Self-Defense Firearms Training), Massimo's Vespa Shop, Thai Dishes Restaurant, Monkey Drive Screenprinting, Piaggio, Vespa Motosrsport, Galaxy Scooters, Corazzo Riding Gear, ScootRS, Route 66 Scooters, Del Amo Motorsports, Eaglerider, SpeedoKing, Rockberry, The Gasser Lounge, Kincaid's Restaurant, Four Daughters Kitchen, Coyote Cantina, Sharkeez Hermosa Beach, Lambretta Club of Los Angeles, Vespa Club of Los Angeles.
Lastly, thanks to everyone who supported the rally by buying rally packs, patches, raffle tickets and donating for food - we appreciate your help in letting us throw this great ride and party for you every year! FYI, there are no more original shirts left, but we have made some SNC#14 Cafe Press shirts available (including some specialty women's sizes), along with the remaining original patches and pins. If you'd like to purchase any of these, please go to the SWERVE 'N' CURVE RALLY STORE.

BTW, there are a few galleries of pics and links to some videos from the rally, below. If you have any more, please feel free to send us the links and we will post them on our SoCal Scooter Blog.
Pics by Scootermodster/Various people (Flickr)
Pics by Shane O'Donnell (Facebook)
Pics by Manny Rosales (Flickr)
Video by Klaus Waldorf
Video by Neil Shafton

Now, be sure to mark your calendars again - SWERVE 'N' CURVE #15 will be going down August 22-23, 2014!! See you there!


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