Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Swerve N Curve #14 Route MAPS!

NEW for this year's SWERVE N CURVE #14 SCOOTER RALLY: 
Even though the South Bay Scooter Club will be providing a printed map of the route, there is both a Google Map and a GPS file (for your GPS Navigators) of the big Saturday Swerve N Curve ride.

Click here for the Google MAP.

Click here for the GPS File.
To import the file, there are a few different methods:

If you have a Garmin GPS, you can use a free download from Garmin, a program called basecamp. Just "file" and "import" the file, then "send" it to the GPS.

There's another free program that works very well. It is called "Tyre for Travel". Again you just "File" then "import" the file and last, "Garmin" "send" it to the unit.

But the easiest method, is just to drag and drop the file into a folder named "GPX" on the actual unit. Just plug it in, start up MS Explorer, and Garmin units have a folder named "GPX". Just drop the file in there. When you start up the unit, newer ones will recognize it automatically, older units need to do an Import routine in the Settings and Data area.

(Special thanks to Liam, from the LASG, for the MAPS and instructions!)


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