Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hawthorne Italfest Wrap-Up!

Just wanted to throw out a quick “thank you” to all who came out and participated at the South Bay Scooter Club’s space at the City of Hawthorne’s 2nd Annual Italian Festival this past Saturday, June 14th! We had a fun time! “Uncle Frank” from the Jimmy Kimmel Show came by and hung out with some of us, as you can see by the picture shown.

South Bay SC member, Anthony Sepe, beat out 18 other would-be challengers (including another fellow-scooterist) to win the Festival’s Spaghetti Eating Contest! He won $100 and a commemorative, engraved award plate from the contest’s sponsor, Il Fornaio restaurant. To see a video of Anthony’s wining performance, click here.

Another scooterist, Tony from Newport Beach, won one of the raffle prizes which was an onscreen role in the upcoming Tom Hanks movie, "Angels & Demons", which is a follow-up to "The DaVinci Code." Tony will be portraying a Roman-Catholic Cardinal in the movie. Good going, Tony!!

There was a surprisingly good set of entertainers who showed up to entertain the crowds. We got one of them on video. Crooner, Joey Gian, sang a couple of songs from the movie called "Return To Me", which he did a few songs for the soundtrack and was actually in the film as a charity ball big band singer. Click here for the video of him singing "What If I Loved You?" And, click here for the video of him singing "Return To Me."

Last, but not least, the food from all the Italian food vendors was amazing! Combined with the Peroni Italian Beer being served in the Beer Garden, life was good for all us scooterists at the Italian Festival this past Saturday! For a few pics, click here.


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