Sunday, November 19, 2006

South Bay recent rides

So a bunch of us have gone on a bunch of recent rides hosted by other clubs. As you all know, we take pride in having ridden with every club in the LA/OC area, and we continue to support everyone else's rallys and special events when we can...

Last few rides have been great, in terms of great riding and twistys. The first was the PhonIEs Mt. Baldy ride. Very challenging and a good time with one of our favorite SoCal clubs leading the ride. Here is a preview pic:

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Click here for all the pics from the Mt. Baldy Ride!

Next was the Stingers' Oak Glenn Apple Ride. Another fun ride in the IE that went up into the mountains, this time east of Riverside. Oak Glenn is one of those mountain communities that has a little niche with it's Apple orchards, where at the local shops you can get homemade fresh Apple Cider, Apple pies, Apple jam, etc., etc. Good times! Here's another preview pic:

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Click here for the rest of the pics from the Apple Ride...

Then, on Nov 11th, a group of riders, hoping to re-spark interest in the Pasadena area (left vacant by the disbanding of the Vespa Club Pasadena), organized a ride. We cruised up to wish them the best on starting the rides up again. Pics to follow!

More rides are coming up! Keep checking the Upcoming Events/calendar section of the South Bay Scooter Club website!!


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