Thursday, January 26, 2006

RE: American Scooterist, special all-GS double issue

AMERICAN SCOOTERIST, magazine of the Vespa Club of America, is coming out with a double ALL-GS special issue. This is taken from the e-mail sent by their editor. Plus, if you're not a member of the VCOA, you should look into it:

"Many members of our club are working very hard on a special issue of American Scooterist. Our intention is to bring material together that provides an in depth exploration of the Vespa GS˜-the first production "sports" scooter in the world. 2005 was, after all, the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the GS. We feel that it is important for the club to do our part to commemorate this historically-significant scooter.

The project of collecting, writing and printing all of the GS-related material turned out to be larger and more involved than we anticipated. The content for the magazine was so great that we did not want to leave much out. Due to the size of this issue, the officers of the club decided to turn this magazine into a special double issue. This issue will count towards two regular magazines in a year's membership. The magazine will be late for #48 but early for #49. We expect to have it printed later this week. I am confident that we are doing the right thing by our membership and that once you see the magazine, you'll agree. In terms of written material, it is the equivalent of two regular issues. The magazine is cram packed with fantastic stories and photos all related to the GS. The issue covers the full evolution of the GS from the early "Sports" and Sei Giorni models of the late 1940s and early 1950s to the last Moto Vespa GTi models with GS 160 engines in 1979.

For me it is pure Vespa heaven and it will be an issue that will remain by my desk for years to come. Look forward to a good read."

Best regards,
Dave McCabe, editor-in-chief
American Scooterist Magazine


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